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What’s Coming to Netflix UK in September 2021



first look at whats coming to netflix uk september 2021

It’s time to take a look at what’s coming to Netflix in the United Kingdom throughout the month of September 2021. Below, you’ll get to see all the new TV shows and movies coming up on Netflix.

Need to look even further ahead? Check out the Netflix Originals coming in October 2021. Missed what’s come to Netflix UK in August? Check those out here.

Please note: this is an early look at what’s coming to Netflix UK in September 2021, we’ll keep this updated every week or when we get more titles to add. Also, news outlets that use this list, please source us.

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix UK in September

What’s Coming to Netflix UK on September 1st

  • Battlefield Behemoths: A History of the Tank – The World Wars (Season 1) – Military docuseries looking into how tanks changed warfare.
  • Brave Animated Series (Season 1) – Adult animation series about superheroes ridding the world of evil.
  • Cemetery Junction (2010) – British comedy set in the 1970s starring Felicity Jones.

chicago fire new on netflix

  • Chicago Fire (Multiple Seasons) – NBC series set in Chicago from Dick Wolf.
  • Chicago Med (Multiple Seasons) – NBC series set in Chicago from Dick Wolf.

clique netflix

  • Clique (Seasons 1-2) – BBC drama thriller series created by Jess Brittain.
  • Exit Wounds (2001) – Action thriller starring Steven Seagal and DMX about a thought cop infiltrating a web of corrupt cops.
  • Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008) – John Cho and Kal Penn star in this buddy comedy.
  • How to Be a Cowboy (Season 1) N – Reality series hosted by Dale Brisby looking to keep the cowboy tradition alive.
  • HQ Barbers (Season 1) – Nollywood comedy series.

in time netflix uk

  • In Time (2011) – Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried star in this sci-fi thriller where people stop aging at 25 but you only have one year to live.
  • Kid-E-Cats (Season 2) – Kids animated series.
  • Kuroko’s Basketball (Season 3) – Anime series following the Teiko Middle School Basketball Team.
  • Lego Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum (Limited Series) – Animated Lego series.

mrs wilson bbc miniseries

  • Mrs. Wilson (Mini-series) – BBC limited series about a grieving widow discovering her husband led a life of lies.
  • My Summer Prince (2016) – Hallmark family rom-com.
  • Old School (2003) – Ensemble comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Steve Carrell, Will Ferrell, and Luke Wilson.
  • Rush Hour (1998) – Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker team in this classic comedy.
  • Shameless (U.S.) (Season 10) – The tenth season of the US adaptation of the Channel 4 comedy.

shot caller new on netflix uk september 2021

  • Shot Caller (2017) – Crime thriller starring Game of Thrones’s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.
  • Something’s Gotta Give (2003) – Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton rom-com.
  • S.W.A.T. (Season 3) – Procedural police drama.
  • The Bang Bang Club (2010) – Ryan Phillippe biopic on four combat photographers.
  • The Guns of Navarone (1961) –  Classic war movie about a team of allied saboteurs assigned to infiltrate a Nazi-held island.
  • The Internship (2013) – Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star in this comedy where they join Google for the summer.
  • The Iron Giant (1999) – Brad Bird’s classic animated movie about a young boy befriending a giant robot.
  • Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror (Season 1) N – Docu-series on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 2nd

afterlife of the party netflix september

  • Afterlife of the Party (2021) N – Victoria Justice stars in this comedy about a girl who gets a second chance to right her wrongs after dying.
  • Here and There – Filipino drama.
  • Q-Force (Season 1) N – Gary Cole, Sean Hayes, Patti Harrison and David Harbour voice various members of an LGBTQ-focused secret agent organisation.
  • The Guardian – Thriller about a backup singer promoted to the lead singer in a band but is plagued by supernatural horrors.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 3rd

  • A Closed Book / Blind Revenge (2009) – Daryl Hannah headlines in this thriller.
  • Bundy and the Green River Killer (2019) – Crime thriller about a police detective who visits Ted Bundy in prison.
  • Containment (2015) – Horror sci-fi about residents of an apartment complex turning on each other after an infection breaks out.
  • Dive Club (Season 1) N – Australian live-action kids series about a group of teens searching for mysteries underwater.
  • Money Heist (Season 5 – Part 1) N – The Spanish cult-hit returns for the first half of a two-part final season.

  • Night Wolf (2010) – Werewolf horror.
  • Pentagram (2019) – British horror movie about a group of teens having to survive the night after getting strapped in a pentagram.
  • Sharkdog (Season 1) N – Kids animated series from ViacomCBS Digital Studios about a boy and his half-dog and half-shark pet.
  • Soul Reaper (2019) – Horror from director Bob Pipe about a stage weekend at a remote cabin.
  • The School of the Damned (2019) – British horror-thriller about a teacher joining a school where the kids have formed a hive mind.
  • Worth (2021) N – Political biopic on the true story of the lawyer facing an uphill battle to get justice for the victims of 9/11.

  • Wrong Turn (2021) – Horror about a group of friends hiking in the Appalachian Trail.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 5th

  • Malcolm X (1992) – Spike Lee directs this influential biopic of the controversial historical figure.
  • Touch Your Heart (Season 1) – Korean drama series.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 6th

  • Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space (Season 1 – Episodes 1 & 2) N – Docuseries that is covering the SpaceX manned space flight from the team behind ESPN’s and Netflix’s The Last Dance.
  • Shadow Parties (2021) – Nollywood thriller.
  • Tayo The Little Bus (Season 4) – Kids animated series.
  • Witch at Court (Season 1) – Korean drama.

Coming to Netflix on September 7th

kid cosmic season 2 netflix

  • Kid Cosmic (Season 2) N – Return of the stylish kids animated series about a young boy with superpowers. Also renewed for season 3.
  • Octonauts: Above and Beyond (Season 1) N – A new spin-off of the kids animated series.
  • On the Verge (Season 1) N – Comedy drama series about four women facing a midlife crisis.
  • Untold: Breaking Point (2021) N – Sports documentary about the American tennis player Mardy Fish.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 8th

  • Into the Night (Season 2) N – The sci-fi Belgium series about a plane having to keep ahead of the sun’s deadly rays.
  • JJ+E / Vinterviken 2021 (2021) – Romantic drama about two youngsters living together in a city but living very different lives.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 9th

  • Blood Brothers: Malcolm X & Muhammad Ali (2021) N – Documentary on two icons and influential figures with rare archive footage.
  • The Women and the Murderer (2021) N – French serial killer documentary on The Beast of Bastille.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 10th

1917 netflix uk september 2021

  • 1917 (2019) – The multi-Oscar winning Sam Mendes WW1 movie about two soldiers tasked with delivering a message.
  • Bananas!* (2009) – Documentary about the lawyer Juan Dominguez who sets out to win at court against a company using pesticides on Bananas.
  • Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas (2017) – Documentary looking into the foreign investment which has flooded Ethiopia.
  • Here Are The Young Men (2020) – Irish drama about young teenagers leaving school without a job and heading towards a path of self-destruction.
  • Kate (2021) N – Action thriller directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and headlined by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. About an assassin who has 24 hours left to live after being poisoned.
  • Kiri (Season 1) – Channel 4 miniseries about the death of a young foster child.
  • L.A.’s Finest (Season 2) – Second season of the comedy cop duo which serves as a spin-off to Bad Boys.
  • Look Beyond – Documentary looking into athletes with disabilities.

lucifer season 6 netflix september 2021

  • Lucifer (Season 6) N – The final season of the Tom Ellis led detective series where he plays the devil. Expect a teary final season.
  • Maria And Her Shadow (2013) – Boxing documentary.
  • Metal Shop Masters (Season 1) N – Competition series pitting welders against each other to make unique contraptions.
  • Omo Ghetto: the Saga (2021) – Nollywood action-comedy.
  • Prey (2021) N – German survival movie about five friends having to escape a shooter.
  • Sharks – Documentary on, you guessed it, sharks!
  • Titipo Titipo (Season 2) – Kids animated series.

zombieland double tap netflix

  • Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) – The long-awaited sequel to Zombieland directed by Ruben Fleischer.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 11th

  • Mad Dog (Season 1) – Korean crime series.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 14th

  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (Season 5) N – The final season of comedian Jack Whitehall traveling the UK with his father.
  • Killing Dad (1989) – Classic British comedy.
  • The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals (Season 2) N – More looks at some incredible properties that you can rent around the globe.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 15th

  • Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space (Season 1 – Episodes 3 & 4) N – Two new episodes of the docuseries.
  • Fall of the Krays (2016) – Crime movie on the Kray twins.
  • Nailed It! (Season 6) N – Emmy-nominated baking competition show hosted by Nicole Byer returns.
  • Man on Fire (2004) – Denzel Washington action crime drama.
  • Nightbooks (2021) N – Family fantasy movie based on the book by J.A. White and headlined by Krysten Ritter.

  • Rise of the Krays (2015) – Crime drama about the world-renonwed criminal twins, The Krays.
  • Rise of the Footsoldier 3: The Pat Tale Story (2017) – Gangster movie from Lionsgate about a criminal who rises through the ranks in Essex.
  • Robert the Bruce (2019) – Story of the outlaw who eventually became the King of Scots.
  • Robot Overlords (2014) – Action sci-fi starring Ben Kingsley.

schumacher netflix documentary september 2021

  • Schumacher (2021) N – F1 documentary on the German racer Michael Schumacher and his career in the sport.
  • Too Hot To Handle: Latino (Season 1 – First Three Episodes) N – A brand new international spinoff of the reality series.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 16th

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Season 1) N – Another animated series based on the kids IP.
  • My Heroes Were Cowboys (2021) N – Documentary about Robin Wiltshire’s childhood which consisted of mainly watching Westerns.
  • The Smart Money Woman (Season 1) – Nollywood series.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 17th

black and blue new on netflix

  • Black and Blue (2019) – Naomie Harris and Tyrese Gibson star in this cop thriller.
  • Chicago Party Aunt (Season 1) N – Animated comedy series. Featuring the vocal talents of RuPaul, Ike Barinholtz, and Lauren Ash.
  • Gemini Man (2019) – Will Smith action movie.
  • Justin Bieber: This is my World (2011) – Documentary on the popstar.
  • Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Season 6) – Reality series following the Kardashians.

sex education season 3 september 2021 17

  • Sex Education (Season 3) N – Comedy series seeing the return of all your favorites.
  • Spandex Sapiens (2015) – Documentary on a man who builds a wrestling company in Finland.
  • Squid Game (Season 1) N – Sci-fi Korean drama series which is compared to Alice in Borderland.
  • Solar System: The Secrets of the Universe (2014) – Documentary narrated by Glenn McCready set on the ISS in the year 2050.
  • Tayo and Little Wizards (Season 1) – Spinoff of the kids animated series.
  • The Father Who Moves Mountains (2021) N – Romanian thriller.
  • The Feminine Genius – Documentary on the role women play in the church.
  • The Stronghold (2020) N – Gritty French crime drama.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 19th

  • Papillon (2017) – Biopic starring Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek about Henri Charriere who was wrongfully convicted for murder.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 20th

  • National Treasure (Season 1) – Channel 4 series about a comedian facing allegations of sexual assault which threatens his career.
  • The Accident (Season 1) – Channel 4 series about a Welsh community falling apart after an explosion at a construction site.
  • The Farewell (2019) – A24’s comedy-drama from Lulu Wang about a Chinese family discovering their grandmother has only a short time left.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 21st

  • Love on the Spectrum (Season 2) N – Reality series.
  • Toot-Toot Cory Carson: Chrissy Takes The Wheel (2021) N – Kids animated special.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 22nd

  • Confessions of an Invisible Girl (2021) N – Brazillian rom-com directed by Bruno Garotti.
  • Crime Stories: India Detectives (Season 1) N – Docuseries following the Bengaluru police on the job.
  • Dear White People (Season 4) N – The final volume (and musical focused season) of the satire drama.
  • Intrusion (2021) N – Psychological thriller.
  • Jaguar (Season 1) N – Spanish-language action drama set in 1960s Spain.
  • Monster Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan (Season 1) N – Crime docuseries about an accused serial rapist.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 23rd

  • A StoryBots Space Adventure (2021) N – Animated special based on the StoryBots IP.
  • Bangkok Breaking (Season 1) N – Crime thriller about a man joining the emergency services.
  • Je Suis Karl (2021) N – Young woman lured into a group that bombed her family.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 24th

  • Blood & Water (Season 2) N – High school drama.
  • Ganglands (Season 1) N – French thriller.

midnight mass netflix

  • Midnight Mass (Limited Series) N – From the creator of The Haunting of Bly Manor and Hill House comes another horror series.
  • My Little Pony: A New Generation (2021) N – All new 3D animated feature film starring your favorite My Little Pony characters.
  • The Starling (2021) N – Melissa McCarthy headlines this feel-good marriage drama who fights for control of her garden with a cunning Starling.

  • Vendetta: Truth, Lies and The Mafia (Season 1) N – Docuseries looking into the anti-mafia organisation established in Sicily which is then accused of crime itself.
  • Waiting For Barcelona (2018) – Documentary on a young homeless man in the streets of Barcelona.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 28th

ada twist scientist netflix september 2021

  • Ada Twist, Scientist (Season 1) N – Kids animated series from Chris Nee and the Obamas production company Higher Ground adapting the books of a young girl interested in science.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 29th

  • Sounds Like Love (2021) N – Spanish rom-com about a 30-year-old who is stuck as an assistant but vows to move forward with her life.

Coming to Netflix UK on September 30th

  • Love 101 (Season 2) N – Turkish teen drama series returns.

What are you looking forward to watching on Netflix UK in September 2021? Let us know down below.

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The most awaited movie of 2021: KGF Chapter 2



The most awaited movie of 2021: KGF Chapter 2

KGF Chapter 2 is one of the blockbuster movies of 2018. This movie was directed by Prashanth Neel. All the fans of KGF are waiting for movie’s release. Here is some good news for people who are waiting for the movie.

As we know that the movie KGF Chapter 2 is a sequel of the marvelous movie KGF Chapter 1. The movie KGF Chapter 1 is a period movie set in the late ’70s. The previous Movie KGF Chapter 1 features an amazing cast Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Anant Nag, Ramachandra Raju, and many more.


DIRECTOR Prashanth Neel
PRODUCER Vijay Kiragandur
Karthik Gowda
WRITER Prashanth Neel
CAST Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Srinidhi Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Prakash Raj
GENRE Action, Drama
RELEASE DATE 16 July 2021

About Movie: KGF Chapter 2

As we all know that this movie is a sequel of KGF Chapter 2. Yash has played an amazing role in his Movie KGF Chapter 1. And, now he’s coming on screen with the upcoming sequel of KGF Chapter 2.

Unfolds in story: KGF Chapter 2 Rocky

KGF Chapter 2 unfolds many questions like why 0the president ordered to kill of rocky?, who will lead the KGF(Kolar goldfield)?, will rocky helps the people to get a better life and many more.


The two-part fictional action movie traces the journey of India’s most horrific crimes, Rocky. After losing his mother. At a very young age, he learned to fight for himself. Moreover, Raja Krishnappa Bairya aka rocky changed his name and came to Mumbai. At a very early age to poverty and sickness, Rocky develops the power to fight for his right.

Starring and more

While the first film predominantly featured actors from the Kannada film industry, the sequel will boast some Bollywood stars in significant roles. While the first film KGF Chapter 1 featured Kannada film industry actors. In this new sequel of KGF, Some Bollywood stars will be seen in the movie.

In this movie, Sanjay Dutt plays the role of the main antagonist Adhere. However, Sanjay dutt also mentioned that he was for such kind of character to play. As we know that the Character of Adheera came in the end of KGF Chapter 1. But, The character of Adheera in KGF is very powerful character.

The original Kannada film KGF Chapter 2 will simultaneously be released many languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.


The movie directed by Prashanth is full of action and thriller. In addition, in KGF Chapter 2 it has some emotional parts also. Which will make the movie more interesting. The movie is about rocky, who fights for himself after the death of his mother. Rocky made his promise come true to her mother.


On the other hand, Rocky killed Gadura for KGF. Now the other three partners of KGF trying to get a lead on KGF. But, Rocky is a very tough competition for them. Therefore, It will be so much fun to see who will lead to KGF.

Will Rocky die?

As we have seen in the trailer Rocky has to face many problems to lead the KGF. So the main question arises will Adheera lead the KGF or Rocky? Will rocky die as a rich man, or he will be the savior for the people working in KGF. Movie is full of questions and leads to be the blockbuster again. There is no doubt about it.


In Conclusion, we only can say that Rocky has made his mother’s promise come true. He became a rich man and leads to KGF. To know more about Rocky we have to watch this amazing movie released on 16 July 2021.

KGF Chapter 2 2021 Full Movie trailer

KGF Chapter 2 2021 FMovie


Piracy of any original content is a punishable offense under Indian law. completely opposes this type of piracy. The content shown here is only to provide you with the necessary information about illegal activities. Its purpose is never at all to encourage piracy and immoral acts in any way. Please stay away from such website and choose the right path to download the movie.

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Netflix’s ‘Extraction 2’: Filming Ends & Everything We Know So Far



Netflix’s biggest movie to date, Extraction, is returning with a sequel! Chris Hemsworth will be returning to reprise his role as Tyler Rake, and filming is already over. Below we’ll be keeping track of everything you need to know about Extraction 2, including casting news, production updates, trailers, and the Netflix release date.

As Netflix’s most successful Original movie ever, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a sequel would be in the works. With over 99 million households tuning in to stream the movie, it even outshone the likes of Bird Box, Murder Mystery, and 6 Underground.

Sam Hargrave will return to direct the sequel, along with the Russo Brothers who are executive producers on the movie. However, only Joe Russo is credited with writing the story.

What is the production status of Extraction 2?

Official Production Status: Post-Production (Last Updated: 21/03/2022)

Extraction 2 was originally scheduled to begin filming in Sydney, Australia but due to Covid restrictions production was moved to Prague, Czech Republic.

Chris Hemsworth also confirmed on his Instagram account that filming would begin in late November 2021.

As of March 19th, 2022, filming on Extraction has come to an end and is now currently in post-production.

What is the plot of Extraction 2?

After barely surviving his grievous wounds from his mission in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Tyler Rake is back, and his team is ready to take on their next mission. Tasked with extracting a family who is at the mercy of a Georgian gangster, Tyler infiltrates one of the world’s deadliest prisons in order to save them. But when the extraction gets hot, and the gangster dies in the heat of battle, his equally ruthless brother tracks down Rake and his team to Sydney, in order to get revenge.

Who are the cast members of Extraction 2?

When the sequel for Extraction was announced it was confirmed that Chris Hemsworth would be returning to reprise his role as Tyler Rake.

Chris Hemsworth (right) as Tyler Rake in Extraction (2020)

It has also been confirmed that actor Adam Bessa (Mosul), will be returning to reprise his role as Yaz. Meanwhile, actress Rayna Campbell (Maleficent: Misstress of Evil) who previously starred in Extraction as a radio tech of Nik’s crew has now been given the named role of Ruthie.
Adam Bessa (right) will return to reprise his role as Yaz

Georgian model and actress Tinatin Dalakishivili joins the cast as Ketevan. Producer and actor Patrick Newall previously starred in an unnamed mercenary role in Extraction, will now play the role of Seb.

Dato Bakhtadze (Wanted) will play the role of Avtandil.

When is Extraction 2 coming to Netflix?

With the film now in post-production, we could be waiting several months before the Netflix release.

One of Netflix’s big-budget summer releases is The Gray Man, which means there will be less pressure for Extraction 2 to fill what was previously a blockbuster-less Summer.

We’re still waiting for Netflix to confirm the release date, but we expect Extraction 2 to drop in the latter half of 2022, most likely in the Fall.

Are you looking forward to the release of Extraction 2 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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Money Heist ‘Berlin’ Netflix Series: What We Know So Far



Money Heist (La Casa De Papel), one of Netflix’s biggest shows to date, is over but we’re not quite done with the franchise just yet. Not only are we getting a new South Korean version of the Spanish series, but we’re also getting a full-fledged spin-off with the fan-favorite character, Berlin. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming spin-off series due to release in 2023.

A spin-off was long rumored as we came ever closer to the final season that touched down on Netflix in two parts in 2021. Alex Pina, the creator of Money Heist, had teased numerous times of the possibility of expanding further into characters introduced in the mothership series.

Before Berlin was officially unveiled, Alex Pina (the creator of Money Heist) told Oprah Daily he was open to a spin-off saying:

“We do have many possibilities for some spinoffs, yes, and I think that’s thanks to the strong and powerful identities of the characters. We’ve always looked for characters to have a very complex, layered design. So I think almost every character of Money Heist has a duality that we would like to see in a spinoff. We could watch any of them in other contexts.”

Netflix officially unveiled the new season in late November 2021 just days before season 5 part 2 arrived on Netflix.

Alongside the announcement of the series, we got a very brief tease about the upcoming spinoff alongside the caption (translated to English):

“We already met Berlin in#LaCasaDePapeland now is the time for Andrés de Fonollosa. We can already announce that in 2023 the spin off of his life will arrive.”

Who’s behind and who will star on Berlin on Netflix?

Alex Pina will be returning to write the show. He’ll be working through his production company Vancouver Media. Atresmedia are also listed among the production companies.

Pina struck an overall deal with Netflix back in July 2018 and renewed that deal in March 2022.

What will Berlin be about?

Well, as the title suggests, we’ll be focused on the titular character of Berlin also known as Andrés de Fonollosa.

It’s not set after Money Heist (the character

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Berlin despite his backstory being explored in season 5. Including the fact, there are 5 ex-wives including Tatiana (played by Diana Gómez). He’d described his relationships in the series as the “5 times that he believed in love.”

Given Berlin is, in fact, brothers with The Professor, it’s highly likely we’ll explore their early years together. We also don’t have a huge amount of information with regards to their father dying or how he met Palermo (another lover of Berlin), Marsella, and Bogotá.

We may also get to see more of the heist Berlin made in Champs-Élysées, Paris where he stole 434 diamonds. We also may get to see more of his battle with Helmer’s Myopathy.

Berlin – Picture: Netflix

Who will star in Netflix’s Berlin series?

So far, only the 49-year-old actor Pedro Alonso has been confirmed for the new series.

Given the show is likely to explore the back story, we can make a few educated guesses as to who will star.

Our guesses as to which characters may feature include:

  • Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo
  • Álvaro Morte as El Profesor
  • Diana Gómez as Tatiana

When will Berlin be in production?

No filming dates have been announced as of yet. With that said, it’ll have to be filmed throughout 2022 given the 2023 release.

Beyond the Berlin series, we’d recommend you check out Pina’s other work on Netflix including Sky Rojo (season 3 coming in 2022) and he’ll also be doing a new pandemic-era series based on a Spanish newspaper article about the increase in purchasing bunkers.

Until the release of Berlin, you’ll find Pedro Alonso in his upcoming movie Awareness set to release on Amazon Prime Video. Most regions of Netflix are also carrying his 2019 movie The Silence of the Marsh (2019).

Are you looking forward to the new Berlin spin-off? Let us know in the comments down below.

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